Sailing, Windsurfing & Kayaking are brilliant hobbies to have: there's nothing better than being in the great outdoors & being face to face with the elements!! But it doesn't have to be 'just' a hobbie.

Ever thought about making it your career & Turning something you love into your full time job?? Well whats stopping you!!

Below are testimonials from past & present employees of Fingal Sailing School. Read their experiences of how they've turned their favourite hobbies into their careers, how its enabling them to travel the world & work while they are away!

Colleges such as Colaiste Dhulaigh offer exemptions for ISA qualifications, so once you've completed your ISA syllabus it may enable you to go further than you think!

Killian McKay, Fingal Sailing School Centre Manager

'Ive been the centre manager here in Fingal for the past 3 years & its by far the best job Ive ever had – in fact id describe it as my 'dream' job!! Ive always known that I wanted to run an adventure school & was psyched when the opportunity landed on my doorstep! I, myself, learnt to sail Fingal Sailing School when Kevin Byrne was here, and love the buzz & craic around the school – I became like the furniture here & spent every minute I had on the water. Like most other instructors, I enrolled for the Shackelton course & due to the ISA sailing qualifications I had I got to jump straight from 1st yr to 3rd of the course – these exemptions were brilliant to have. Once I completed the course I worked full time in Fingal Sailing School, Surf Dock, Carlingford & Glenans in both Westport & Cork!! Ive travelled all around Ireland teaching courses, its been brilliant!
We've so many young kids doing sailing & windsurfing courses with us that really want to have a job like mine, I tell them all to stick with the ISA syllabus complete their instructorship & then there's no reason why they cant have the same job as I have!!'

Colm Malone, Sailing Instructor

'Sailing has always been a big part of my life. My mum is highly involved in Swords Sailing Club & I got involved in it at a really young. I decided a few years back to complete the 'Outdoor Recreational Managemet' course in Neptune Adventure Centre & then discovered my ISA qualifications would give me exemptions for the Shackelton Course. Im currently in 1st yr Shackelton & absolutely love it. Last summer I started working in Fingal Sailing School & teach ISA sailing & the Summer camps there. Its great to be in the outdoors every day, despite the cold & a brilliant job for meeting new people!! This year Im heading to Main in the USA to work in an outdoor adventure course in the USA which is gona be brilliant. Loads of people from my year are also heading to the US & Hawaii to work & I've friends who have already begun their travels around the world – working as instructors wherever they need to. It's a pretty cool job to be able to do that!!'

Colum McCaffrey, Trainee Sailing & Windsurfing Instructor, 17yrs

'I've loved sailing since I was 9 yrs old & have always been involved in Fingal Sailing School & learnt to sail here. Ive been helping out in the club for the past 6 yrs, learning how the school operates & whats involved in teaching the courses. I completed all my ISA levels by the age of 14 yr & knew that I wanted to continue sailing & wanted to be an instructor. Last yr I turned 16 & covered my VHF, safety boat & First Aid certificates & am presently waiting to complete my instructorship. Once I have this done I will be fully qualified to teach the ISA syllabus to everyone & will have a full time job with Fingal Sailing School. I plan to do a lot of travelling when I finish school & know that being an instructor will give me plenty of job opportunities around the world. My ambition is to own & run my own Sailing School, some day!!'



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